Exploring our World by Foot – Israel – Rolling with the Flow


To Realize One’s Destiny is a Person’s Only Obligation

–        From the Alchemist


Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic thwarted our plans to travel to Israel in early March of 2020.

As of now, we are still planning to move forward with our trip to Israel subject to any major new developments.

Why did we pick Israel as our next destination to explore by foot?  After several spiritual encounters, I continue to search for understanding and connection with spirit.  It is hard to match the history and all the sacred sites in this compact country.

In researching this destination, we have discovered the geography is very diverse, with desert conditions in the south, and snow-capped mountains in the north. This country is bounded to the north by Lebanon, the northeast by Syria, the east by Jordan and the West Bank, and to the southwest by Egypt.  We are pleased to report, the  Israeli’s really love hiking.  There are numerous opportunities to trek on a wide variety of outdoor trails throughout the country.

The one path of real interest is The Yam lYam Hike (Sea to Sea).  This is a popular hiking trail crossing the country from west to east, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee.  It is described as crossing some of Israel’s most beautiful scenery in the Western Galilee and Upper Galilee regions. Unfortunately, due to our limited time, we must choose between hiking across Israel or exploring the sacred historical sites.

Since discovering that “spiritually there is really something out there, and in here” we made the decision to experience the history and the confluence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  It is our intention to walk through and honor these holy sites.  The Knights of Templar also originated from these same places.  I try to imagine walking on the same paths as those whose lives made such a great impact on humanity.

If all goes according to our plans, we will start with a hike in Tel Aviv.  We intend to walk through the Yarkon Park to the Tel Aviv Port, then turn south and walk along the length of the boardwalk to the Jaffa Port.  Afterward, we travel to Jerusalem where we will meet our guide who has roots in Tallahassee.  He has suggested we embark on a walking tour of ancient Jerusalem including the Mt. of Olives, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, City of David and Western Wall.

If there is time we will travel south to Masada in the desert and check out the Dead Sea.

In life, nothing ever turns out exactly as expected.  As a result, we will roll with whatever is the outcome.  I recently reread the Alchemist.  Its message “in order to live out our dreams, we must embrace the uncertainty of life, so to rise to meet our own unique destiny”.  This sounds like a great plan.

I now understand it was an unexpected trek across Northern Spain that made me realize my calling.  This destiny is to promote peace by connecting with different people, in different cultures throughout the world.  Once we find we are more alike than different, we find pathways to peace.

I urge you to grab a family member, or friend, or four-legged buddy and go outside for a walk.  Talk about times the unexpected turned out to be a good thing.  What are paths that can help you find your personal destiny?

Are you in?

Gregg Patterson