Come Walk With Us

Exploring our world on foot – this is our passion. Our plans for the future include…

  • The Camino  Norte– This is a breathtaking path that reflects the scenery of Spain’s northern coast along the Camino del Norte. Quieter and more challenging than the Camino Frances, the Camino del Norte is a truly authentic pilgrim experience. Unspoiled Spanish towns, fresh local cuisine and genuine kinship among pilgrims along your route make this trip one to treasure.i
  • Camino – is our intention to again walk the 500 mile Camino across Spain.
  • Israel – We have plans to embark on a pilgrimage in Israel. There is just too much history here to pass up walking in Israel.
  • Russia (Red Square) – Paul McCartney brought some much-needed awareness to the importance of peace in Russia. We have found a great desire to experience his lyrics in the Red Square.
  • All 50 States in the USA– Details have not been set but we are formulating a plan for a walk across each state.
  • Appalachian Trail – One of our very close friends is pushing for our company.
  • All Continents – It is then our intention to walk on all seven continents.

It looks like an incredible journey!

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