The People We Met Along the Way

Morgan with Sheyna from Ireland

Morgan with Sheyna from Ireland

Something I have come to realize, it’s all about the people. As we take this walk through life, it’s about those you meet and those you keep in your life. Over the last year our walks have added incredible dimensions to our life; especially the people we have met along the way. Whether it was Move walks, walks with family, friends, or our 500 mile trek across Spain. The people we have met or connected with, have added value to our lives and they shared their stories. Here is just a few:

Bob Gabordi – we met him during the Move Tallahassee walks. When he heard about our planned journey across Spain, he suggested that I blog during our trip. Blog? How do you blog? Me blog? He set me up and this has taken me places I never expected. Write? Never thought about it and never considered anyone would actually read what I wrote. But you never know where life is going to lead you. After all these years, I think I finally found my passion.

Sheena from Cork County, Ireland – We met her the first night at a hostel up in the Pyrenees. We kept crossing paths throughout our entire journey. She obviously had a passion about Ireland. She shared the last century of history of Ireland and the conflicts with Great Britten and the direct impacts British soldiers had on her family.

Seamus Campbell – a gentle and wise soul from the farmland in Northern Ireland taught us about peace. I learned from him first impressions can be so very wrong. Story to come later.

Chris, Jill and Brandon from Dallas – Husband, wife and son. He was a mortgage banker from Dallas. They left their jobs, sold their house and headed for the Camino to escape the rat race and reclaim life while out on the trail.

Jiwon – A young woman from South Korea. Early on in our trek we kept crossing paths, while we could not speak each other’s language we had a special connection. Here I learned how to say hello in Korean “anyoung haseyo” . It was with Jiwon we took our first selfie.

Carmon from Romania – again working though the language barrier, we learned about the landscape and life in Romania. She shared how she grew up with her father listening to Radio Free Europe during the cold war. She called all the red tulips on the path Buen Camino flowers.

Nick Nichols – a colorful guy from Tallahassee. He claims he is a bit OCD (a bit? Really?) who tracks every mile he runs? I believe he is over 82,000 miles over the last 30 years. I am certain he will soon be in contact to give the correct and exact mileage.

The Man with a Message we met out on the St Marks Refuge who was walking from Key West to Pensacola. He quit his job and is now having the life that he chooses.

The guy with a huge back pack.  Supposedly when his wife died in the Netherlands, he walked out his front door and was walking all the way to Portugal.

Jessica and her Dad Michael from Ottawa – Jessica in her 30’s was walking the entire 500 miles solo until her Dad joined her in Leon. As we kept crossing paths, they became like family. We developed a special kindred relationship and still stay in touch.

Asier a medical doctor from Victoria in the Basque region of Spain –  He was a monitor for a school group of teenagers walking part of the path. They were teaching them how to live with less and to connect with each other.  The first day they had to give up their cell phones.

Nedal from Nepal – a young guy with lots of energy who was very interested in life in the United States. Something about him made me smile.

The people we have met with Move, whom all have a story and we have connected with, includes Mike, Judy, Carl, John, Julie, David, Lois, Bernice, Scott, Bonnie, Justin and fortunately the list goes on.

If we were not out walking, we would have never met any of these folks. Oh, what we would have missed.

I have found, it’s the people on the path of your life, (past, present or future) that make life rich and fulfilling.  Start (or keep) walking. Its about the people along the way.

 On the left Asier from the Basque country mentoring the school kids

On the left Asier from the Basque country mentoring the school kids

Man in the Woods with a Story

Man in the Woods with a Story

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