06/09 13 mile trek to Zubiri , Spain

And we thought we were done with the mountains.  Today was 20 km (12 -13 miles) of up and down very steep terrain with big lose  stones.

On this pilgrimage it seems most everyone has a story.  Today I met Peter who lost custody of his children (don’t know the details).  He has been walking from Belgium since December.  He plans to walk to Portugal.

another just ahead is pushing his childhood friend in a wheelchair who is suffering some sort of muscular disease (not sure how this is possible).  I think everyone has a story or is seeking one.

Last night we learned the history about the Irish/British conflicts during the 20th century.  About the Original IRA before its transformation during the 80′s.  it’s so good to learn the lessons from other countries.

It seems we are all connected in some sort of way.

Sorry about some some of my prose. I am posting from an iPhone with spotty Wifi

460 miles to Santiago.

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