08/29 Still Walking and Thinking – In Town after the Camino

Thunderhead over Jacksonville

Thunderhead over Jacksonville

It’s been 30 days since we ending our trek and somehow we are still driven to continue walking.

It seems I have walked nearly 75 miles since then, Morgan is still walking some but she says she needs a break after walking 500 miles this summer. Something inside of me does not want to slow down, but life happens.

When you are walking, you are out there in the world. The weather, the sky, the landscape and the people.  If you want to have a really good “one on one” conversation with someone, go for a walk with them. We are blessed with a big beautiful planet and I find it exhilarating to be out walking on this earth. It just seems to clear out the cobwebs in my head. Walking with family and friends are my favorite.

I know a company CEO who gives their employees a chance for this one on one with walks around the block. I am certain, the connections with employees and management are solidified from this practice.

A great thing about walking, it is so portable, you can just go out the front door anytime, anywhere. In Tallahassee, we have some best walking trails and greenways in the Nation. Miccosukee Greenway, Alford, St Marks, Overstreet, they are everywhere.

We have discovered many of the lessons we have learned from the Camino can be practiced back in our community.

You can enjoy the moment you are in right now, while walking around town, it seems we see most everyone in their cars are talking on the phone. I now sometimes try turning off the phone and radio for some of my drives. Even in your car, you can be in the present moment and discover there are lots of neat things out there.

Living with less – Morgan and I have decided to downsize and live with less. Our goal is to have no debt,; this really changes your options in life. I am looking around at everything; do I really need this? Lots of things are going to the wayside.

Coming back – I have never written or blogged, so this was something new to me. When over in Spain, I am not certain why, I was driven to blog at the end of each day. We would walk for five to eight hours, shower and wash our clothes; then I had to find Wifi and let my personal thoughts flow. Sometimes I was concerned about the response to these thoughts. While we heard there were people following our journey in Tallahassee, we were quite surprised by the response when we returned to town. People stopped us in the street and were very kind in their remarks and thanked us for the blogs. It never occurred to me that my writing could have an impact on other people. It touches my heart and I am honored. I hope to continue share my thoughts with those who are interested.

Another surprise, Tallahassee Film Society called and they are bringing back “Walking the Camino” in September. Morgan and I have been asked to join them for question and answer, we are looking forward to these events.

Several people have said they have tried to contact us to learn more about the Camino. We are glad to share information about the trip or give a presentation of our lessons. We can be reached at Gregg.patterson@yahoo.com

I hope you will join us as we continue to walk and think about life.