Discovering There is Something Out There

Trying to write about this is way out of my box. In fact, I am so far out of my box, I can’t even find my box.

I grew up attending a mainstream church where all the people and lessons were very positive. But there was one item I struggled with….. There was not just this religion, but many others. How could some groups feel that they are the right religion and others who does not have the exact same beliefs, were wrong? Or if everyone else does not believe just as we do, then they will not be rewarded in the after life?

As a kid I wondered, what about people who don’t even know about my religion or what about people of other religions such as the Jewish, Muslims, Hindu’s? What about the people that lived before Christ or other great teachers?   I just could not believe they were all going to be punished and go to Hell.

What about history? People killing, or enslaving others because their God is better than your God? Is this God? But they say God is love and forgiving. What about this?

For the last fifteen years Morgan and I have attended Unity Eastside Church. What appealed to me was that they were non-judgmental about other beliefs and religions. They taught many paths to God. They also taught me many valuable life’s lessons. But I would still shift back and forth between my intellectual side: If there is a God why doesn’t he speak to us? Where is the physical proof? Why does he let all these bad things happen? Then my spiritual side says, I have seen prayers work, there are too many good lessons and history here. I was even the President of my Church board for a couple of years. But I never settled in with a firm belief. I just kept swinging back and forth. My latest thought was perhaps there are dimensions we just cannot see or perceive. In truth, I was becoming mostly agnostic. When my wife, Morgan, decided to walk the Camino “The Way of St James” , I just decided to go along for the ride. 500 miles sounded like a great athletic challenge. I never even considered the spiritual side.

Then 350 miles into the journey it happened.

Don’t get me wrong. Up until now, If someone said they had a Spiritual or God moment, in my head, I would roll my eyes and think, “Yeah right.” Just as we were headed up the mountain towards the top, I felt something. It was something I have never felt before. I turned and there was a strange light in the Sun. It is difficult to describe but it was warm, loving and bright. I was taken back. I just stood there in stunned silence, then I said to Morgan, something is happening. I grabbed my iPhone and took a picture. I managed to grab a picture of the moment! Now I am not trying to say I saw the burning bush or came back with a tablet of the 10 commandments. But something happened and it was big.

A couple of days later, while descending a mountain, it happened again. It was warm, loving and bright. Everything was enhanced and looked spectacular. Many people reading this will think this guy has either lost his mind or is full of it. Think what you want, but I know what I know, and something happened.

I am now convinced, beyond a shadow of doubt, something is in here and out there. Now I am trying to figure this out. Maybe writing and sharing will bring some light to this matter. This is something I have been contemplating to say, now it is said. For me, this is a major life event. It is my hope that time will unfold the meaning. I believe it is more about love, forgiveness, connection and peace.

A closing note, this could have never happened if I was not out walking. Walking give you down time to think and connect. Getting out, you discover the beauty of this planet and you can bond with family and friends. Its even good for you. Now grab someone, or go solo. Get outside and grab hold of life.

Gregg Patterson

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