Notes While Exploring Our World On Foot

0822 Move Group Shot

0822 Move Group Shot

There was a lot of excitement in the air at our last Move Walk on Saturday 08/22 at the Lake Heritage Trail, starting from the Alford Arms parking lot.  We had a big turnout that Saturday morning. I was taken aback by the cars that kept coming and coming; and filing the huge parking lot. A smiling crew of 100 – 120 people (with 6 or 7 dogs) showed up to walk and talk. There were even about 20 people who joined us for the first time.

It was a beautiful morning with people from all walks of life who joined us for a trek of 2, 3, and 4 miles. Morgan was the sweep walker who stayed in the back of the pack to make sure no one was left behind. About ¼ of a mile into this trail, this path moves over a big beautiful wooden pedestrian bridge, through the trees, then the trail goes along a dike between two lakes, then follows a canopied path until the turnaround point at Piney Z. Here there are  incredible views from beginning to end.

The really cool thing about these walks is the people you meet. On this day I met Frank a professor at FSU who arrived in Tallahassee from South Africa by way of Buffalo. He shared how the life of a professor on a college campus, has really evolved over the last several years.

We also met Patty who carried a big smile and lots of enthusiasm. She brought along a couple of friends to check out our Move Walks. Patty teaches special Ed at one of our local schools.

I walked with Chris who is really enjoying living life after retirement. She is an aspiring Pickleball player and gave me a brief explanation of how this new sport is played.

The feedback we keep hearing from our fellow walkers, that in addition to the health benefits on these Move walks, they get to meet a lot of people they might not otherwise meet.

This route is so popular, we will be returning to share it with our new Tallahassee Democrat Editor, William Hatfield, who plans to join us on September 19th.

On September 26th we will be having our first partnership walk with the Florida Department of Health starting in Tom Brown Park.

Camino Update – Earlier this week, our friends Jerry and Pam took their first step on their 500 mile journey on the Camino. They have been talking about this for over two years. After all this time of training, they started from Pamplona, Spain.

It was really cool to see their excitement build as the day approached. They were a bit like two bubbly children. Today they posted pictures of them in Pamplona, it was here I could feel a bit of a homesick sentiment of wanting to return. But my real excitement is for them. For this will be truly a life’s event.

To get email notifications of our future Move walks go to and join Move.Tallahassee, or go to www. and join

A special thanks to everyone who joined us on our last wale with your stories and smiles.

To check out our blogs and travels go to . Under the Blog category Camino, we now have my Camino blogs of our travels last year. We will soon be adding Morgan’s posts from this trek.

So grab a friend, or family member, or come solo. Go for a walk or join us on our next Move walk and check out the beautiful sites in our community. It’s a beautiful planet, check it out.

Smiling walkers on the trail

Smiling walkers on the trail

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