06/11 – Pamplona to Obonos

We are now rising early and walking about 7 hours per day.  Today traveled over another mountain but it seems to be getting easier.

Monday I walked in memory of my mother who died at 63 in 1988.  Tuesday I walked in memory of my father who died at 84 in 2009.  Today I waked in memory of my grandmother Peggy.  The last ansester  to give me a childs. unconditional love.

Pamplona reflections –  Beautiful medival old city.  For the life of me I do not get why someone  would willingly get in the streets with lots of bulls.

Things to be thankful for on this trip:

Weather – so far the weather gods have been kind to us with good temperatures and no rain.

Good clothes, equipment and shoes – not sure how the pilgrims before us survived.  JC at Trail and Ski prepared us well.  The big box folks were not trained to provide for serious trekking.

Glide anti chaffing rub.  They should be nominated for sainthood.  Keeps the blisters off the feet.

Closing thoughts – why am I doing this?  They say to find, Who am I?  What is my purpose?

My 30 minutes of being plugged in is over.

signing off – 435.2 miles to Santiago


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