06/12 – Obanos to Villatuerta Puente

Another 7 hour day walking, mostly in a  postcard.  Miles of fields of wheat, olive groves and vineyards; as far as you can see….

Spent a good part of the day on ancient 2000 yr old Roman roads.  Who walked this path before me?  Was it Ceasar, Charlemagne, or a pilgrim like me?

Like I said before, everyone has a story on this trek.  Last night I met Joseph from Hungary.  He is searching for his path as a teacher.  Teach in Hungry for little money and have friends and family nearby, or go to the UK.  There you can make much better money but your friends and family are miles away.

This pilgrimage seems to be about the people.  The ones in Pamplona who run out of their way to put us on the right path.  The fellow hikers who take care of each other.  The Inn keepers and shop keepers all looking out for the walkers.

They keep marching up and down the hills.  From lands a far; Austrailia, North Korea, Brazil, France and the US.

Every one has, or is seeking their story or purpose.

410 miles to Saniago


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