06/17 – What Was I Thinking?

Remember, my wife Morgan planned this trip for her milestone birthday, she would settle for nothing less than going the entire 500 miles.  End of story!

But in the first hour of the morning when all the muscles are still stiff and sore; or in the heat of the late afternoon after 12+ miles, she sometimes shouts”What was I thinking?”

Will this be my idea by the end of the trail?

But we keep walking, taking in the beauty of the countryside, the farmlands and the ancient cities.  We spent part or todays trek with Alan and Mareen from Wales.  It was quite fascinating learning the differences between the Welsh and the rest of the United Kingdom.

I am a political and news junkie.  I find life is quite lovely being unplugged from today’s events.

Today I walked for my Grandson Tyler.

We arrived in Najera this afternoon after a 16.5 km walk.

369 miles to Santiago.

Taking a break for a Cafe Con Leche with our Irish friend

Taking a break for a Cafe Con Leche with our Irish friend Sheynna

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