06/21 – 18 miles to Burgos – Meltdown

Day 15 – 8 hours of tramping up and down over rocks and through the slums of the city.  Today was really tough and gave me my first full fledged meltdown at the end of the day (Henry Ford invented the car years ago, and the Wright Brothers invented flight decades ago; for the love of God why do we have to walk 500 miles)?

Today I waked for my son Gregg.  He is a good soul and I am so glad we connected earlier this year.  I really wish we lived closer.  I am glad to see him strong and such a good father.

Earlier today we passed the site in Atapuerca where they uncovered the earliest signs of man (900,000 years old).  Not sure how they can date this length of time.

For those who bet Morgan would not last longer than 2 weeks; pay up, today is day 15.

Feel a bit sick so off to bed.

178 miles down.

311 miles to Saniago.

Site of earliest known signs of humans - 900,000 years

Site of earliest known signs of humans – 900,000 years

Walking into Burgos, Spain

Walking into Burgos, Spain

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