06/25 – 25.2km (15.7 miles) to Fromista

Day 19 – The day started with an 12% grade, 1000 meter climb over the slopes of Mosteclates.  While this was a tough climb, we were rewarded with magnificent views of the valley where we started.  It It is mazing how during your daily hike, one minute you are miserable aching all over, and the next you feel great.

Religion – the real purpose of this pilgrimage is based on a Christian story.  I struggle with most religious  dogma. Too many people have been persecuted or killed in the name “My God is better than yours.” I believe there is something out there, just not sure what that looks like yet.

Last night we rejoined Sheyna from Ireland for dinner.  Nick the Humble ( a new acquaintance from the Netherlands) also joined us.  Lots of laughs.

Today’s trek was long over miles upon miles of wheat, corn and vineyards.

Today I reflected on the lives of friends who have passed (Guy, Vick, Flynn, Chuck, Clyde and too many more to name).  Thought about what gifts they brought to my life and the world.

We are now at an Albergue ( seems to be run by the Albergue Nazi.

I just met a couple who started in Belgium traveling on a tandem bike.  Boy that would require cooperation that could put any marriage on the fritz.  Glad it’s not me.

Today the weather was somewhat cooler.  Thankful for that!

270.2 miles to Santiago.

Morning view of the valley on the way to to Fromista

Morning view of the valley on the way to to Fromista

Long strech of the road on the way

Long strech of the road on the way

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