07/11 – 24.8 km (15.4 miles) to Palas De Rei

On the path to to Palas De Rei

On the path to to Palas De Rei

Day 35 – when I awoke this morning my first thought was 4 days to Santiago.  This seemed so short but such a long time.  What will it feel like to not have sore feet.  35 days since we started in St Jean; over 400 miles under our feet so far.

We are way ahead of schedule and our flight home from Madrid is on August 4th.  If we try to come home early, how bad will Delta stick it to us to change our flight ?  After Santiago we plan to continue to the coast (maybe by bus verses another 100 miles on foot).  Maybe we should try to go to Morocco.

About yesterday, it was outstanding staying at an Albergue with a view of the water in the mountains.  It seems the crowd we jokingly call the CIA tribe keeps ending up at the same place in the evenings. Seamus and Paul from Ireland rejoined us last night.  Joanna from Maine has joined us.

Today I walked in honor of Noa, the new born daughter of our niece Hannah.  She is so cute and has a great life ahead.

I also walked in honor of my good friends Jerry Osteryoung and Pam Butler who are considering this trek in the fall of next year. It will change your life.

So tired here.

We plan to walk in to Santiago on Monday.

42.3 miles to Santiago



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