07/13 – 13.7 miles – One Day Until Santiago!

Day 37- We are getting so very close. We started the day in crisp fall type weather. The group that we travel with all have mixed emotions about arriving in Santiago tomorrow. Still don’t know if I will be filled with joy or sadness. Perhaps a lot of both.

Today I walked for the love of my life Morgan. This was the second attempt at marriage for us both. She embraced my children (Candace and Pat) as their Mother. She brought two beautiful children (Sean and Jessica) into my life. Now there are no step children or brothers or sisters in our family. I even have a great husband in law Woody Morgan (Morgans ex).

On this walk with Morgan, it amazing when you spend so much time together, sometimes talking up a storm and sometimes in silence as each is lost in their own thoughts.

Today was a new experience for me. I tried listening for a period of time to all the sounds (birds, cows and the wind) then observing what I can see (trees, flowers and the land); then what I could smell. Wow, this is really cool. Never took the time. I highly recommend trying this. The Camino teaches many lessons about life.

This trail is so much about people and connection. Imagine if The Speaker of the House and President of the Senate in Washington had to support each other through this quest. They might remember what is really important to the people they represent.

This afternoon I sat with John from Cork, Ireland. He is walking for clarity and to leave some things behind. With one day left, he has found clarity and joy. The Camino has spoken well to him.

12.5 miles to Santiago.

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