06/13 – Villauerta Puente to Villamayor de Monjardin

Morgan stopping for a break on today's trek

Morgan stopping for a break on today’s trek

Today was a rest day 13km short walk.  Enjoyed the city of Estella.  Stopped by Bodegas Irache with its famous fountain offering a choice of wine or water flowing from the wall.

Today we met Carol from Brazil.  She says she is walking to prove to a lost boyfriend she can walk the Camino.  I think she will find something else about herself.  This trail seems to bring out something I do not yet understand.

The history on this trail is incredible.  The Moors, the Knights of Templar.  Churches built in 1012.  Can we feel their presence and their purpose?

70 or 80 miles this week.

412 miles to Santiago.


Fountain dispensing Wine

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