06/27 – Half Way to Santiago – 26.8km (16.7 miles) to Terradillos de Los Templarios

Day 21 –  A long day across the country with miles and miles of wheat but no towns for 17km.  After 6.5 hours we arrive in a former stronghold of the Knoghts of Templar.  We are staying in Albergue Jacques de Molay, named after a former Grand master of the Order.

My feet hurt!  It seems like a boxer has spent his day boxing my feet.  Fortunately a tub of very cold water provided much relief.

Today we again walked on 2,000 year old Roman roads.  You could almost visualize Augustus and his caravan traveling down the road.  Supposedly they had to haul in 100,000lbs of rock to build the road. I wonder what it took to accomplish that task?

Milestone we are now 1/2 way. What will the second half bring?  Will it be different from the first?

Today we walked a celebrated all our friends at Unity Eastside.   Led by Rev Jean this group is inclusive and non judgemental about all other spiritual organizations. We spent the day calling out the names of friends we developed here over the years.

For a short period of time today we walked with Bret from Little Rock.  He and his fellow students at Hendricks College are working on a documentary as a class project.

240.8 miles to Santiago.


The journey to Terradillos de Los Templarios

The journey to Terradillos de Los Templarios

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