06/28 – 26.9 km (16.7 miles) to Hermanullos De La Calzada

Day 22 – it’s hard to believe we are already entering week four of this journey.  We have also built our stamina to be able to walk 15+ miles on some days.  Unfortunately Morgan has developed a huge blister on her little toe.  We hope to nurse the toe so it will not impact her ability to walk.

A big part of this Camino is about the people.  The Kiwi’s from Wellington, Victor from Mexico (this is his fourth time).  There is another guy who carries a huge pack.  Supposedly when his wife died, he walked out his front door 2,000km’s ago.  Will they find solist on the Cameno?  It sure seems to draw people from all over the world.

Today started as a brisk morning and ended with howling winds with intermittent rain. We walked over Roman bridges (still sound) and on Roman paths.  This is the place of many past battles between the Christian and Islam armies for supremacy of the Iberian peninsula.

Today I dedicated my walk to close friends (who will be unnamed) who are facings life’s challenges.

208.9 miles to Santiago.

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