06/29 – Paridigm Shift – 24,5km (15.2 mile) trek to Mansilla De Los Mullas

Day 23 – the day started with fear.  We knew we had a 19km trek across no mans land.  No water, no villages no nothing.  Morgan could not wear her hiking boots due to blisters and would have to walk in sandles.  How could she walk these rocky roads in sandles? We were already in a little village in the middle of nowhere.  We knew we were in trouble.  This was fear at its highest.

With no other viable option we headed out.  As it turned out, this was one of our best days.  Surrounded by mountains in the distance and not a soul in sight, it was a spectacular day walking mile upon mile in the silence of the beauty of our surroundings.  Someone once said ” I stayed up many a night worrying about all these things that never came to pass”. So true.

Paridigm shift – I think something has happened to me today.  Rather than focusing on the finish, I just thouroughly enjoyed each moment of the trek and my time spent with Morgan.  Life is grand!

Also, while I struggle with religious dogma, there is something out there.  Now I have the time and place to try to figure this out.

A good part of our walk today was on the 2,000 yr old Roman roads.  The cobblestones are still there.  We could feel the ghosts of Trekkers before us.  Kings, Emperors, warriors, slaves, pilgrims and more.  Here has walked the best and worst in man.  Warriors and peacemakers.  Young and old, how many laughed and how many cried?

Today I walked for my brother Todd, Rosie and family; TJ, Lauren, Geoff, Hannah and Lindsey.

208.9 miles to Santiago.

Roman Roads on today's path

Roman Roads on today’s path

First trees after a day walking across miles of nothing

First trees after a day walking across miles of nothing

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