06/30 – 20km (12 miles) into Leon


Day 24 – today was a fairly short leg into the big town of Leon.  With a population around 130,000, Leon was a Roman military garrison and has been conquered and re-conquered by the Visagoth, Moors and finally Christian forces.  The Morgan forces have stated she wants a private room tonight.  So guess what?  We are staying in a Hotel, we even got to ride an elevator and have a card key.  Ah the simple pleasures.  She now says we may take a rest day tomorrow and see the city.  We will see.

As I mentioned earlier I was dragged into this trip like a dog being dragged to a bath.  I had every reason To not take the time off for this journey.  Now that I am here, something has shifted.

I have spent most of my life in the future.  Got to get out of school and earn a living, got to work extra to pay off my bills or , once I have enough for retirement I can take some time off.  Unfortunately I was not taking time to live in the moment.  Maybe it is time to start.

There is an old saying, “there  ain’t none of us getting out of here alive!”  Which is very true.  It seems we better make the best of this short time on earth.

Over the last couple of days I have been hearing a song in my head by The Who “who are you,  oh, oh, who are you? I really want to know…”. Do I really want to know?  I guess I might find out.   Hopefully it won’t take a 500 mile quest for you to find out.

Today we briefly met Julia from the Ukraine .  She wanted to get away and feel the spirit of the Camino.  She says she can feel the spirit.

For those of you that have asked for thoughts and prayers on the Camino, coming your way!

Today I walked for all my friends in Sunrise Rotary.  Thanks for your friendship and all you do for our community.

197.3 miles to Santiago

Walking into the outskirts of Leon

Walking into the outskirts of Leon

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