07/05 – Magic on the Mountain

That moment of light

That moment of light caught on my iPhone

Day 28 – we started today’s climb to the highest point on the Camino (4,934 ft) to one of the best known symbols on the trail.  A simple iron cross atop a tall weathered pole where everyone adds a stone to the huge pile.  The stones are tokens of memory or love.  Here I laid my burdens down.  The scenery today was incredible!  We truly live on a beautiful planet.

I swear this trail is magic.  I had that moment today which is unlike any before.  There is something out and in there .

We finished the day with miles and hours of picking our way down steep rocky paths.  Once I stumbled and almost went off the side.  Oh how life could change in a second.

Today I walked and held the high watch for those I have had conflict.  What was my role in these conflicts?

When we arrived in Molinaseca after 8 hours of trekking, there were no rooms or beds available.  Fortunately we finally found a room we cane share with 5 friends.  Ah, a bed!

134.3 miles to Santiago.

5 hours of rocky paths going down the mountain

5 hours of rocky paths going down the mountain

Viewfrom the Mountain

Viewfrom the Mountain

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