07/06 – Rain – 23km (13.8 miles) to Cacabelos

Day 30 – about no rooms or beds available yesterday – when we arrived in town, no beds were available in the albergues nor any rooms available anywhere.  After a very tough day up and over the mountain we were almost in a panic mode.  Sleeping outside with rain in the forecast?  No towns for 5 or 10 more miles?  We found some of our friends we had made along the way in the same dilemma.  Jess and her Dad Michael from Ottawa, Kim from Boston all five of us were all in the same boat.

We were desperate so we even started asking in Bars.  Finally a lady said she could provide a room with only 4 beds.  Leaving someone out was not an option.  Eventually we coaxed her into allowing one more person ( remember she only spoke Spanish).   It was cool because we were all looking out for each other.  The day ended with us breaking bread together and watching the World Cup.  Great times and stories.  When I drifted off to sleep, my thought was , for today this is our Tribe.  We may now have these friends for life.  There is something special about the people on the Camino .

This morning started out with rain, eventually hard rain.  The rain gear worked really well.  Not many other Pilgrims ventured out today. In Ponferrada we crossed an 11th century bridge.

Late morning we again ran into the collage students from Hendricks Collage in Little Rock.  Still working on their documentary, Reid, Khaki, Sydney, Haley and Andrew .  I would love to capture some of that young energy.

Today I walked for all my running friend who have offered support and encouragement over the years, Tim, David Yon, Felton, Mark, Lynn, Matt and Chris.  I also gave tribute to the people in Move Tallahassee for their support while training on earlier walks.

At the end of the day we ended up in Fuentes Cacabelos.  This was an earlier pilgrim stop with multiple hospices for the care of medival travelers.

We may only have eight days left on this Trek.  Not sure if I will be happy or sad when we reach the end.

138 miles to Santiago.

Angry skies on our trak to Cacabelos

Angry skies on our trek to Cacabelos


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